Aftercare Instructions



Wash tattoo with non-scented antibacterial or antimicrobial soap twice daily 



Keep tattoo moist but not oversaturated with Healing ointment or non-scented lotion.


Do Not

Do not rub, scratch, rebandage or expose a healing tattoo to direct sunlight. For the full list of Don'ts please read full aftercare instruction.

How well your tattoo holds up depends on the care and treatment you give it within the first few days. Keep the tattoo covered with the bandage applied by your artist for at least one hour, and no more than three. Carefully remove the bandage using lukewarm water, and gently wash the tattoo with unscented soap to remove all surface blood. Afterwards, make sure you let the tattoo dry for a couple of minutes before applying a coat of Ointment. For the first three days, you should wash your tattoo twice daily and ointment 2-3 times a day.


When your tattoo begins to peel (3-5 days), switch to using a hand lotion for the remainder of the healing process (approximately a week to a week and a half). Please choose a lotion which is hypoallergenic, fragrance, and dye free (i.e. Eucerin Calming Crème or Curel Ultra Healing). You are advised to consult your tattoo artist at the first sign of an adverse reaction such as swelling, infection, or allergic reaction. Tattoos are considered permanent. They can only be removed with a surgical or laser procedure. Any effective removal may leave scars. It is up to you to take care of your tattoo once you leave this establishment!


•Do not re-bandage your tattoo.

•Do not let tattoo dry out or remain overly saturated wet.

•Do not apply Vaseline, A&D, petroleum jelly, antibacterial ointment, alcohol or peroxide.

•Do not rub, scratch, or pick the tattoo.

•Do not soak in bathtub, swim, use a sauna, steam-room or Jacuzzi for two weeks.

•Do not expose tattoo to direct sunlight for two weeks.

•Take care of your tattoo! Use common sense or call your artist with questions!