More than Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoo located in Lakewood CO is a tattoo shop that has built up clients, history, and a community reputation since 1993. If you frequent Lakewood Colorado than you are familiar with the eye catching murals located on the side of the building.

This is just the beginning of the fantastic art Celebrity has to offer.

Chicago Zeke is the proud owner of this establishment and is happy to say that this is a shop where community resides. Many artists have began their careers here and when they venture out on their own they always have a place to come back and call home. Some of the clients have generations invested into the artwork celebrity has given to their families.

Zeke has seen it all in terms of the industry. He has been featured in multiple magazines not just for the artistry he cultivates but also for tattoo modeling and giving back to the community. He is not one to name drop the famous clients that have stopped in but I will say this- it is named Celebrity Tattoo for a reason.

Piercings and tattoos, that is what Celebrity specializes in. They also have a series of hand made gages and other jewelry options along side their very own clothing line. All available for purchase, and bragging rights.

There is not one style that can accurately describe the ambiance of this one of kind shop. It is filled with plants, flash sheets, and an extraordinarily unique fish tank. The energy that the décor gives off is just one of the many reasons to stop by.

I can not give enough credit and description to Celebrity Tattoo so you will just have to stop in and check it out yourself. While many of our artists keep their books full they also make room for walk-ins. Come and get your next piece done where there is not only talent but artist history.

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